Chakra Universe | Reiki Healing & Aura Purification
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Reiki Healing & Aura Purification

Reiki Healing & Aura Purification

reiki aura purification

We utilize the healing techniques practiced by the Japanese for centuries, called Reiki. Our healing will connect you to your life force, divine knowledge known as your “Ki, Chi, or Qi”. Our Reiki sessions will balance your physical, emotional, and mental states; removing negative energy causing stress, pain, anxiety, and personal shortcomings. Our practitioners meditate and cleanse daily ensuring that their energy is pure light & love. This is vital to the success of our reiki and aura purification sessions because we are transferring our life force to you. Humbly, we share our success – we’ve been called into hospitals and performed healings that doctors said could not be done. It’s our calling to do what we do, and we desire to help you in anyway possible.

We begin and end our sessions, always with intent. Our service is to heal you with love and light. Each session will rejuvenate you, give you warmth, peace, and leave you glowing.

Our Aura purification is done through advanced seeing. We see where you need tending to, and bring back the color balance to your auric field that your being relies on for physical health and emotional well-being.  Throughout our lives we collect energies that weigh us down, and experience events that can tear our auric field. Your aura, like your life force, is your divine shield or essence that’s here to protect you. Please call us, we desire to ignite your life with the fire of love and light created by our reiki & aura healing services.

Reiki Healing Pricing:

10 Min – $85   Transference of divine light & love energy, giving you clarity and starts the healing process adjusting your physical body. Every 2 minutes a section of your body is mended.

25 Min – $200  A more in-depth healing. Removing negative blockages and aligns/adjusts your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Removes old troublesome patterns, paves the way for your new beginning, and creates new patterns for your success and happiness.

60 Min – $450 This session goes beyond the 60 minutes your paying for. It accomplishes all of what’s mentioned in the 25 Min session and involves an intuitive connection between your healer and you. You will receive healing that addresses the depths of your soul; the weight you carry from your past karma will be worked with and cleared.

Aura Purification  –  $150/1 session  – length of session varies per person.

Discount Pricing:

Purchase  3  Sessions – Receive 10% off the total price

Purchase  5  Sessions – Receive 15% off the total price

Purchase 10 Sessions – Receive 20% off the total price