Chakra Universe | Jewelry
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Please come into the store to view a great selection of jewelry; bracelets, necklaces, and malas. Rare crystals of the finest quality. All our products are energetically enhanced and cleansed regularly. We will connect you to the jewelry you purchase, this is something no other shop does!

  • Smoky Quartz Necklace/Bracelets

  • smoky quartz
  • Pyrite Bracelets

  • pyrite bracelet
  • Gold Black Druzy Pyrite

  • Gold druzy pyrite
  • Amethyst Mala

  • amethyst mala
  • Black Tourmaline Bracelet

  • black tourmaline
  • Turquoise Raw Bracelets

  • turquoise raw bracelet
  • Chakra Balance w/ White Howlite

  • chakra white howlite
  • Amethyst Druzy rings

  • amethyst druzy rings
  • Malachite Bracelet

  • malachite bracelet
  • Afr. Turquoise w/ Crystal Beads

  • african turquoise druzy
  • Ruby Gold Bracelets

  • ruby gold bracelets
  • Rose Gold Quartz Ring

  • druzy quartz rose gold
We have a large variety of jewelry. Tons of necklaces, many different druzy bracelet styles, rings and earrings with every major crystal. Call or visit our retail store. 310-734-786