Chakra Universe | Crystal Healing
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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

chakra balance

Crystal Healing will align your chakras and center you like you’ve never felt before. Return to source, return to spirit – call us for a Crystal Healing today.

The cost for our crystal healing varies per individual. During your first visit with us, we will review the depth of who you are. Based on your situation we will discuss the price for the healing your body requires. Our Crystal Healing will address what currently ails you physically and spiritually; certain techniques require more time than others.

The first consultation & healing session = $85

We will use crystals that are meant for you; they will move, absorb, focus, direct, and diffuse energy within your body’s energy fields. Our work will help your body find its natural vibrational rhythm. For years we have studied crystals and mastered energy awareness to create a vibration that will effect a positive change throughout your being. We will provide intuitive insight specific to you that will help you use crystals that we sell in our shop to continue your healing. Our services are as much about healing you then and there as about sending you with methods to live a happier healthier life.